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Which power tool brand is the best?

When you’re trying to find perfect woodworking tool for yourself, looking at brand names can be good indicator of product’s quality. Granted, it’s not fool-proof method, there are plenty of bad DeWalt products, but generally, you’re safer when going with brand name products. These big brands spend fortune on making their brands synonymous with quality, and spend even more on actually delivering on that promise. Yes, sometimes they abuse that brand recognition and sell products at very high markups, but those are the exceptions rather than the norm. I, personally, love DeWalt. At first, i bought it out of genuine research – i spent a lot of time on finding the best worm drive saw i could get, and it happened to be DeWalt. Same thing happened with table saw, and after trying both of these products in action, and liking them, now i’ve turned into very loyal customer. Whenever i happen to be looking for tools, first ones to be considered are DeWalt. I know, i should probably give other brands a chance, but DeWalt tools have left nothing to be desired. Even though DeWalt is very good, i must admit it’s not always the right brand.

For example : if you’re not planning to use the tool every day, and only need something to distract yourself on weekends, Ryobi is perfectly good brand too. Usually, it’s considered cheaper and worse than DeWalt, but it has its advantages too. For once, Ryobi tools cost less than half of what DeWalts cost. And their quality is great – as long as you don’t use them too often. They are made for gentler use, while DeWalts are made to last forever, no matter how harshly you use them.   

Same doesn’t apply for hand tools, though. I recently got myself splitting maul from Fiskars, and i’m loving it. I chose it according to TheSawExpert guide.

Other than that, other decent budget brand is Skil. Black and Decker used to be like DeWalt, but something happened in the corporate, i thing they got sold to someone else, who turned it into their budget brand. But they can’t even excel at that now. So i’d advise to stay away from Black and Decker.

 Bosch is much like DeWalt. These two have been the best at making tools for the past decade. Both have their advocates, but i’ve only tried DeWalt and liked it a lot. So can’t comment on Bosch, but it seems to be very good, too.

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