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Choosing worm drive saw

Sidewinder circular saws are usually considered to be the default, or standard for all circular saws. They’re more popular, too, and for a reason, but nonetheless, there are other types of circular saws that don’t get as much attention. That’s why, today, i decided to write about choosing worm drive circular saw for your projects. These saws have very different structure and different capabilities as well. There are certain tasks, that require you to use sidewinder, and there are other, just as important tasks, that you can not do without the use of worm drive saw. Worm drive saw is handheld, like other circular saws, but it’s much more powerful and sturdy as well. So they’re mostly used whenever intensity of cutting is needed.

 Worm drive saws are usually used by professionals and not many amateurs have them. The reason for that, is it’s price and complexity. Amateurs rarely need additional features that worm drive saw has to offer, but professionals do. Higher cost also means that beginner woodworkers are usually fine with standard circular saw, and prefer to avoid complicated projects which will demand the use of worm drive saw. That’s why worm drive saws are not nearly as popular, but they are essential tool to any professional carpenter’s toolkit. But it’s not for professionals only. Some amateurs use them too, so if you want one as well, check this tutorial on picking good worm drive saw to do it properly.

I’ve had experience with two worm drive saws, and even though both belong to same category of tools, they were vastly different. So i decided to give quick review of both, and let the readers decide which one they’ll want for themselves.

 First was DeWalt DWS535, which i came upon when i was visiting my friend who builds furniture for a living. This thing is very popular among professionals, as it should be. It is extremely durable and powerful, yet it’s not extremely hard to use. It only took my friend five minutes to explain every detail, and i was able to make perfect cut with little practice. Other good thing about this tool is it’s weight. It weighs around 14 pounds, which isn’t light of course, but compared to other tools of the same capability, it’s relatively good.

 And there’s Skilsaw, which i own. It’s not as expensive as DeWalt, in fact, i think it cost me less than half of what Dewalt cost at the time. It’s not as bulky and powerful though, but it gets the job done for me.

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